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"The Taskforce brings together leaders from all corners.  It is this leadership, combined with a coordinated plan of action, which will ultimately change the system.  Together we will get to the trillions.” 
- Jeremy Oppenheim, Chair Blended Finance Taskforce

The Blended Finance Taskforce was launched by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission in 2017.

It was set up to identify barriers to the effective use and scaling of blended finance.  It is now implementing an ambitious plan of action to increase mainstream private investment for the SDGs.   

The Taskforce:

  • Is supported by a Steering Committee of more than 35 experienced practitioners and experts.
  • Brings together leaders from finance, business, development and policy.
  • Works with private sector champions across the investment community – including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, asset managers, project developers, foundations and think tanks.
  • Gains deep expertise from the public sector institutions that have done so much to shape the blended finance market, including development banks and aid agencies. 
  • Works closely with existing initiatives, notably those led by the OECD, the MDB/DFI working groups, the WEF and the NCE, to make sure efforts are complementary and coordinated.