The Taskforce has developed an ambitious plan of action to increase mainstream private investment for the SDGs for release at the April 2018 World Bank / IMF Spring Meetings.

The Action Programme contains 8 key initiatives, taking Taskforce recommendations from “Better Finance, Better World” to turn them into action. 

The 12-18 month Action Programme is championed by leaders from across the investment and development finance community including HSBC, Credit Suisse, Aviva, Investec, Allianz, EBRD, the IFC and the Rockefeller Foundation.  

Read more about the champions and the Action Programme here

Blended Finance Taskforce calls for SDG action alongside Business Commissioners

The Business Commission was established to make the business case for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Its flagship report, "Better Business, Better World", mapped the economic prize for companies that align with the SDGs, and how to achieve it.  The Business Commission, a two year initiative, formally closed its doors in January 2018, but its legacy lives on through its daughter initiatives - including the Blended Finance Taskforce. 

Watch our Blended Finance Taskforce members - such as Marisa Drew from Credit Suisse, Mark Wilson from Aviva and Hendrik du Toit from Investec - call for real action for the SDGs alongside other global business leaders. 

"Better Finance, Better World" report launch at the World Economic Forum

The Taskforce released its consultation paper “Better Finance, Better World” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January 2018. The paper sets out the business case for scaling up the blended finance market as a driver of global growth, and presents key areas where we can “shift the needle” to unlock private capital at scale for the SDGs.  

Read more about the report launch also from Bloomberg and The Guardian.

Watch Gavin Wilson, former CEO IFC Asset Management, introduce the report in Davos at the Blended Finance session "From Pipedream to Pipeline".